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our phone number is: 0414 639 807


Upon purchase of an ARENA product, the purchaser accepts that ARENA products are handcrafted from natural materials. While ARENA performs every effort to conform to description - slight variations in size, finish and material performance including flexing may occur. As is typical with natural materials, each of our product is unique and is subject to variation in colour, characterisation, species, texture etc. Because each piece is unique, please review other examples of our work to confirm you are comfortable with the potential variation. Sales collateral such as material samples, photographs, drawings and any other particulars associated or involved in the sale of the goods, is used for reference purposes only. We will not be liable for any such variances or inconsistencies.


We are happy to provide samples of any of our standard finishes. Samples can be viewed at our workshop, at cost or borrowed with a deposit. Custom finish samples are provided upon request and after order placement and are typically available to ship/pick-up within 1 week from receipt of deposit


All Quotes are valid for 30 days, and prices may be subject to change without notice. Quotations are not an obligation to sell the Goods specified.

Invoices are valid for 14 days only. Please contact your sales person to discuss your Invoice if it is no longer valid. Invoices incur full expectation that the payment will be carried out. Payment amount will be specified on the Invoice.

For interstate and international orders, shipping cost (if you request ARENA to coordinate) will be specified to you on both the Quotation and Invoice but this does not include any duties or taxes incurred once the Goods have been shipped.


All orders require either a 50% non-refundable deposit or payment in full as specified on the website or by your Sales Person. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

All prices for Goods processed on the Online Store or through an Australian based Sales Representative are quoted in AUD and include GST. For all International Orders- Invoices do not include GST.

Unless otherwise stated by us in writing, the prices quoted in a Quotation or Invoice exclude delivery, installation, insurance in transit, handling charges or any other charge for a Good.


Once the agreed payment has been received by ARENA, your order from the corresponding Invoice will be processed. Any request for subsequent changes must be submitted in writing to your Sales Representative. There is no guarantee that the requested change can be made. ARENA asks that all Goods and their relevant details be finalised at the Quotation stage before the Invoice is raised.


We accept payment by bank transfer and credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Service fees may apply.


These sales terms apply between ARENA and the Person named on a Quotation, Sales Order or Invoice regarding you buying from us the Goods, on and subject to an Agreement. Orders made in store, over the phone, via email or through our Online Store are subject to these terms.

Sales Terms must be accepted or orders will not be processed. No other terms and conditions apply to this Agreement.


Agreement means a contract between us and you for the sale and purchase of the Goods. Goods mean physical goods agreed by both parties to be supplied by us to you. Quotation means the form, tender or quotation submitted by us to you regarding the Goods. Invoice means the sales invoice issued by us to you which is subject to these terms and conditions.


Our lead times vary depending on product, and are specified on the website or by your Sales Person. However, this can be subject to current stock levels and the availability of materials from outside suppliers at the time or purchase. Please contact us for information specific to your item(s) of interest. Lead times begin with receipt of payment and finalisation of order details.


We can deliver locally within a specified radius of our workshop in Bibra Lake, WA and are happy to arrange on your behalf with our preferred carrier. On acceptance of an order, we may confirm the period of shipment or delivery. This is subject to change depending on your destination and any circumstances that are out of the control of ARENA. We reserve the right to charge additional costs for unusual access not advised in writing and if the nominated site is not ready to accept the Goods on the date agreed upon. If you fail to provide us with any appropriate instructions, documents, licences or authorisations for the delivery to be completed, we reserve the right to Invoice you all additional costs that this may incur.

Should you prefer to arrange your own delivery, we are happy to have items wrapped and available for pick-up at our workshop.

All merchandise must be paid in full prior to pick-up or delivery. Finished merchandise can be stored with our company for up to 7 days after its completion, beyond that time-frame it will be sent to an offsite storage facility where storage fees will incur.

Long distance shipping costs must be determined by Quote and may take up to four business days to procure.


Because of the custom, made-to-order nature of our work, we are not able to accept returns or offer exchanges. Once your order is placed, cancellations will only be accepted within 24 hours of the payment. In the event that any payment is refunded it is subject to a 5% processing fee. After the 24 hour period has ended, cancellations will not be permitted as the buyer has agreed to commission the piece(s) and is obligated to pay the balance upon completion. Please choose carefully, as all of our pieces are hand made to order. We do not provide refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.


Inspection of all products is required on delivery or if the item is picked-up, same day inspection is expected. If upon receiving your new item you discover any damages or shortages in performance, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to fix the problem. Damages must be documented and reported within 48 hours of receipt. We cannot be held responsible for damages reported after the 48 hour window. In the case that damage occurred during delivery (if arranged by ARENA), packaging must be retained in order for the claim to be successfully processed. Damages and shortages will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If you are not happy with your purchase for other reasons, please let us know why. We stand behind all our products and will work with you to determine the best solution.

If a return is agreed upon between both parties, you agree to return the Goods in their original condition and original sealed packaging to our nominated depot. If failure to do so and damage is incurred in transit to ARENA, all costs will be directed to you and payment must be fulfilled within 48 hours from notification.

Refunds for dissatisfaction with colour, grain, veining or texture of wood, marble and leather because of natural variations of which ARENA has no control, will not be accepted. Presence of such irregularities and subtle imperfections are evidence of the handmade. This must be accepted before the Sale is processed.


Our items are guaranteed for one year against any mechanical defects or technical failures. Should an issue arise with your product please inform us and we will replace or repair the defective component/item. We cannot be held responsible for the following: changes / patina to the surface of unsealed metals, damage caused by improper care or cleaning solutions, damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environmental conditions, damage caused by improper assembly or installation, damage caused by typical wear and tear including but not limited to scratches, dents or stains.

Our timber products have been crafted by hand with carefully selected timbers suitable for the intended use of the product. It is a natural product and can change with environmental variables. Humidity and fluctuating temperatures that causes bowing or joint separation are not warranted. No warranty will be accepted where sun or heat exposure damage is the visible cause.

No ARENA products are designed or manufactured for outdoor use or placement unless specifically stated. Warranty claims will not be accepted in any case.

ARENA will cover all costs involved in the repair excluding any transport or freight costs associated with the approved claim. Products both for under warranty and post warranty repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer also assumes full liability for losses or damages resulting from shipping as well as all responsibility to pursue remuneration for such issues with their selected carrier.