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Sometimes your cabinetry choices simply come down to what you want - to match other furniture, to suit your artwork or to make a space more usable. Just buying cabinets off the shelf from your local shop doesn't always work either - the color isn't right, the size is too short or too long...

Custom furniture is meant to suit your purpose, fit your size and be in the right color and finish that you want it to be in. Not everyone has innate designer abilities so to be able to sit down and get ideas out of your head and onto paper is one way we can help to make your furniture work in your space. Being able to visualise the end product in your room can also help you determine how you want it to be finished. Maybe that idea about the navy blue corner cabinet just doesn't work but softening the tones and adding some timber may make the fit right. Taking samples home of the color you want along with the finish to see what happens in the room you are changing is also a service provided by Arena Interiors. Sometimes the color of white you thought would look great ends up reflecting off the bricks from the neighbours house and it doesn't have the right hue anymore. All of these things can be overcome by getting Arena Interiors to help you customise the furniture pieces that you have been waiting for. 

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